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Social service is an institution of social policy of the country, which enables people and families to win with the difficult life situations, which they are not able to fight by using their own permissions, resources and abilities.

What is a Polish Card?

Polish Card is a document which confirm affiliation to Polish nation and witness that its owner has connected with it, designated eligibility. You must remember that allocation of the Polish Card is not the same as allocation of Polish citizenship. Polish Card is not a document which gives authority to cross the state border or to temporary or permanent stay in Poland.

Who issue the Polish Card?

Licensing authority to issue the Polish Card or to extend its validity is consul appropriate to the proponent’s place of residence, for example: if proponent seeking for Polish Card is a citizen of Ukraine, licensing authority to issue the Polish Card is a consul of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine. Extremely, considering necessity of guarantee a quick access to the people interested in receiving Polish Card, Council of Ministers by regulations may appoint voivod as a licensing authority to receiving application for obtaining or extend a validity of Polish Card and hand down a decision in these cases and also point state of origin of the people which are able to take advantage of it. 

Due to the rule, the licensing authority is still a consul. 

What eligibilities are connected with the Polish Card? 

By possessing a Polish Card, the foreigner exercises a rights, like: 

  • right to handle the work without labour permit
  • right to conduct economic activity at the same rules as Polish citizens
  • right to cash benefits for partly defrayal of expenses of development and current live in Poland in case of submitting an application to receive a permanent stay permission
  • right to priority at seeking of financial help destined to support Polish people abroad
  • exemption from consular charges for acceptance and examination of the application to issue internal to the exercise of privileges incident to possessing a Polish Card
  • exemption from consular charges for acceptance of the application and development documentation in case of Polish naturalization 
  • right to use a provision of gratuitous health care in sudden cases unless the international agreement, which Poland is a party to, predicts more beneficial rules
  • right to study and other forms of education, taking part in scientific research and developmental works according to statute of tertiary education and the statute about the education system, right to concession of 37% while train transits based on disposable ticket
  • right to free accesses to the national museums 
  • right to the consular help, due to their competences and with deployment and respect of the practises and international law, in a situation of danger to life or safety 

Who can receive a Polish Card?

A Polish Card can be issued to the person which belongs to the Polish Nation and perform the incoming conditions:

  • relate a connection with Polish character by at least essential knowledge of Polish language, which this person count as their native language and awareness and preserving of Polish traditions and practises 
  • file a declaration about affiliation to the Polish nation in a written form in front of the Polish consul
  • show that they are Polish or at least one of their parents or grandparents or both of the great grandparents were Polish
  • file a statement that they were not repatriated by themselves or by others from the territory of Poland or Polish People's Republic, based on repatriation contracts contained from 1944-1957 by the Republic of Poland or by Polish People’s Republic with Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic,  Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic and Soviet Union, to the one of the countries which is a party to it.

Polish Card will not be given to the person which has a Polish citizenship or permission to permanent stay in Poland.

When does the minor child of the foreigner can receive a Polish Card?

The minors do not receive a Polish Card automatically after their parents receive it. Polish Card can be given to the minor foreigner after submission of an application by the parent when one or both of them have a Polish Card - with contest of the other parent expressed in a statement which is made in front of a consul. Granting a Polish Card to the Minor which is 16 or older can be possible only with the parents’ contest. 

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