Information about the realisation of the project - jurisdiction guidance Training for teachers, school pedagogues and educators - Olsztyn Cudzoziemcy

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In October, November and December 2019 we continued recruiting teachers for treating.

Information and documents about registration were added to the project website:

On 23th and 24th November 2019 we organized training for two groups, the total amount of members which were taking part in the training was 46 people - teachers and school pedagogues. 

Another training for two groups are planned for February 2020.

During the 13 educational hours, the anchors presented such subjects:

Module 1:

  1. Situation of the children affected with migration
  • foreign students in Poland - introduction to the topic (outline of the phenomenon, legal acts relevant to teaching foreign kids)
  1. Education of the foreigners in a Polish school system
  2. Collaboration with parents
  3. Methodology elements of teaching foreign children Polish -  teaching methods for foreign kids which are not familiar with Polish
  4. Techniques of implementing foreign kids to the school system

Module 2:

  1. Determinants of the school situation of the foreign student; legal, social, psychological, cultural, school system of the country of origin
  2. Support for the foreign kids
  • way of support 
  • age-mate mentoring as a method of support to the children affected with migration in a school society 
  1. Examples of good practises.

Module 3:

  1. Social-psychological situation of the children, teachers and parents affected with migration
  2. Social-psychological situation of the children, teachers and parents affected with multiculturalism: 
  • recognizing adaptive difficulties of parents and children
  • psychological and pedagogical support with find oneself in a new situation, with dramatical, past experience 
  • methods of adaptation in a new society
  • preparing Polish parents for adoption foreign kid from another cultural field
  • examples of good practises

Module 4:

  1. Experiences of adviser connected with working with foreign children in school society
  • system of work
  • tasks
  1. Working with multicultural class - methods of children integration - examples of good practises 
  2. Cultural partinent tools of support and motivating students affected with migration
  3. Exemplary  scripts of school lessons which offer multicultural knowledge